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Lighting is considered content along the lines as a 3D model, only difference is that it is invisible - or what is known as an EnvironmentalNode. It has the ability to affect other nodes.

Balder has support for 3 different type of light at the moment; OmniLight, DirectionalLight, ViewLight


A control called OmniLight exists and can be added to your Game control as any other content:
It has 3 properties:

Diffuse Defines the Diffuse color of the light
Strength Defines the Strength of the light

[ Range | Defines the Range the light affects content |

The strength and range are set to default values of 1 and 10.

Remember to add a Xml namespace reference to the CLR namespace Balder.Lighting.

<Execution:Game Width="800" Height="600">
   <Lighting:Mesh AssetName="teapot.ase"/>
   <Lighting:OmniLight Diffuse="Green"/>

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