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Balder has been developed primarily on the Microsoft Windows platform using a set of tools, it has not been tested with other tools than the tools provided by Microsoft. It is quite possible that Balder will work in other tools, but you are on your own.
The following tools needs to be installed in order to get started with Balder:
  • Visual Studio 2008 Express or better
  • Silverlight 3 Runtime
  • Silverlight 3 Tools for Visual Studio

You can find all the tools you need here

Project setup

Balder has no special requirements for Silverlight, other than it has to run on Silverlight 3 or better. Setting up a project is therefor very easy. All you need to do is open Visual Studio and go to File -> New Project and select Silverlight and then select Silverlight Application. When asked wether or not to create a WebSite, go with the default. Chances are you are going to put your solution on a WebServer and you're better off testing your solution in the correct environment from the start.


In the downloaded archive found under Downloads you'll have all the components you'll need for Silverlight. All these can be placed in a folder within the project or in a folder of your own choice. In your Silverlight project you'll need to add a reference to these components by right clicking the "References" in the project and selecting "Add reference", then you select the "Browse" tab and browse to the location of the files and select all the files for Silverlight.

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