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Balder has been created with the purpose of being simple to use, but still powerful. Also one of the ambitions of the Balder project is to provide multi-platform support, although at the present time (Dec. 2009), Silverlight is the only support platform. The tutorials will therefor be showing several ways of using the engine. If you are only targetting one particular platform, and there are quirks specifically made for that platform in Balder, you should probably use these quirks as they are put in there to support that platform in a better manner than the generic versions.


Since Balder will eventually support multiple platforms, please go to the specific platform tutorial for the platform you will be supporting for details on how to set up a project properly.


Balder is built upon several components, two components being common for all platforms:


The NInject component is a third party component that Balder uses internally. In addition there are platform specific components found in the archive available in the download section.
All these components should be placed in a folder accessible to your project (e.g. a Libraries/Components directory in your project). After you have unarchived the components you need and put them in the folder you need to add a reference to them by right-clicking the "References" section of your project in Visual Studio and select "Add reference". In the dialog box, go to the "Browse" tab and browse for the components and select them all.

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