Questions from a designer - textures & co

Jul 8, 2010 at 8:00 PM
Dear Adept, dear team, We love your project. It's a shame for SL4 that it doesn't support 3D in the way you're doing. But you're doing almost better as Microsoft ;) I had a discussion with a friend of mine today, he's a 3D designer. He asked for something he would need to greate high quality models: 1. Texture filtering, using any means possible. 2. More than just a flat shader - blin, phong something. 3. Illumination map support. Is there something planned? The implementation of your framework in our project worked well. But it's hard to get high quality models shown for the user. Greetings from Germany Heiko :)
Jul 8, 2010 at 9:54 PM

Hi, and thanks. 

its been a long ride, but we're finally getting there. 
I've been working today in fact on better shading for textures. Its quite the challenge to get this fast enough.

But as you can see, its starting to look a bit more interesting at least. This is just a spike, not production ready code - more to prove that it can be done. The teapot is running at more than 60 FPS, so there is hope.


For texture filtering, I haven't really been thinking of that, as I'm not at all sure if it can be done fast enough. I'd have to investigate more. But as for the shading models. The first thing I have as you can see in the image, is a flat shaded, were one can affect the coloring of each triangle according to light. When I have that production ready, I'll move along for Gouraud shaded, to smooth it all out. The blinn / phong model could then be applied per vertex at least. Illumination maps is also something I've been hoping to get, that requires multiple textures which is the next thing I want to do after the shading.

Lastly I want to enable a sort of software based vertex and pixel shader pipeline so one could do it yourself. I just need to figure out a way to it fast enough.


On a second note. Is it possible your friend has some cool 3D models that I could use in the SampleBrowser or in another demo. Its very motivational to have graphics that represents a goal. :)  He would of course get full credit for it, put up a link in the demo and his name on it as well. 

Jul 9, 2010 at 10:39 AM

Hi adept,


That sounds very good :)
I'm looking forward to see such features in the near future. I think providing the possiblity to work with high quality models is a must have ;)

I'll contact you via pm about the 3d models- we have much of them.