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Polygon triangulation/tesselation?


I know this is no small feat, but are there any plans to implement polygon tesselation? In other words I would like to enter the vertices of a complex face and get back a mesh of triangles in 3D coordinates for that face. We were able
to do this in WPF 3D by calling a C++ dll that used the OpenGL tesselator. Unfortunately this is impossible to do in Silverlight due to security restrictions.


3DisCool wrote Jun 22, 2011 at 7:52 PM

If you've got a convex polygon, I believe it can be triangulated simply by taking the center point (CP) and for each edge creating a triangle consisting of a new line between the CP and the first vertex of the edge, the edge line, and then a new line between the second vertex of the edge and the CP. With this method, each polygon of N sides is converted into a set of N triangles.