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The build directory contains the build scripts for building the library for all target platforms. Nant has been chosen as the build engine. This is something that is constantly under consideration and might change in the future. The reasoning behind using Nant is its cross platform support.


All external components used in the library or the test/specs projects are located here.


Strong name keys for digitally signing Balder are located here


The entire source structure is located here

Within Source, you'll find a folder called Solutions, in it are the solution files used during development. The solution files are made for Visual Studio 2010.

Files in root

  • build.cmd
    • Builds Balder - run it from your command-line, typically in Windows you'd use the Visual Studio command line.
  • Contributors.txt
    • If you contribute to Balder, you should add your name to this file
  • License.txt
    • The license for Balder

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