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If you need to learn more about GIT and how we are using branches in GIT, please go here.

After you have created an account at GITHub and logged into that account, you can find Balder by going to the searchbox located at the right of the page.
Type in Balder:

A list of available repositories are listed, the one that contains this particular project is called einari/Balder:

Once you have selected it, we want to create something that is known as a fork: The fork represents the Balder repository as a working copy for you to start working on and committing to. You fork by clicking the fork button:

GITHub will now start creating the copy for you and you're presented with the following screen:

Check back in a minute or so and your repository (fork) should be good to go for you to start working with.

When you go to your dashboard, you should now see something similar to the following in your repositories list:

Click the Balder project.
Right under the main GITHub menu, you should now see a box with some information about the repository:

The "Public Clone URL" is the one you will be using in the GIT client to pull and push from.

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