Scene Question & Drawing Issue

Jul 6, 2011 at 4:30 AM

First of all, thanks for sharing this great work. Very much appreciated.

The question: I am just starting using Balder (plus JigLibX) for a 3d game and I've seen examples (Andy Beaulieu) that create a Container() and add the models to this. Other examples add the models to the Game's Scene. Is there any difference and "proper" approach?

The issue: I have a Game displaying properly including boxes and sphere's created the same way as Andy's sample (through loading sphere.ase). When a box is positioned outside the view of the camera it properly disappears. When a sphere is positioned outside the camera view it still displays one half at the edge of teh view, as if the position (center of teh sphere) is "clipped" to a value corresponding to that edge. If I move that sphere in 3D space it properly scales as it gets away from the camera but it will still display at the edge of the view when it is supposed to be outside the view (thus not visible).

Being a noobie on Balder it would not surprise me it is pilot error. Any clues on the issue?

Jul 10, 2011 at 12:47 PM

Hi and thanks, glad you like Balder!

this is a known bug with the latest SL5 version. It has been fixed in a different branch than default called "MajorRefactoring". The problem was related to a deferred rendering technique, which has now been removed. Moving forward when the refactoring is all done, it will be merged down to the default branch. If  you want to get this now, you can just update to the MajorRefactoring branch at the tip of that, and you'd get it all.  The things that does not work in that branch is pretty much related to SL4 support and advanced databinding scenarios. Other than that, it is pretty much feature complete.