Balder abilities

Jun 17, 2011 at 5:21 AM

hi everybody

I'm using VS2010,C# to develop my ASP.NET web application, it is going to be a web-telemetry for water management systems, I'm going to integrate a graphical interface for designing plans, and after a massive search finally I've selected Balder as my 3d silverlight engine, I've worked with DirectX and OpenGL (I'm fully familiar with 3d concepts/programming). How far can I use balder? How much can I count on balder? is there any limitations on number of objects/vertices/triangles? should I wait until SL 5 final release comes or can I use balder right now for my simulation project? what are your suggestions? how can I find balder business demos? can I mix balder 3d graphics with standard UI such as boxes and combos?


Jun 24, 2011 at 5:44 PM


thanks for choosing Balder. 
You should be able to use Balder straight away today, it will use more CPU and possibly have lower framerates than it has with the SL5 implementation of Balder. But you can at least start off there, and later this year when we see SL5 hit release you'll just recompile using the SL5 binaries. Since there already is support for SL5 in Balder, you could also just start straight up with the beta release of SL5 and Balder and get all the hardware acceleration from day one. There is however a couple of bugs and things that has to be completed in order for Balder to be 100% aligned with the SL4 version of Balder.

As for business demos - what kind are you looking for?