Newbie Questions

Mar 15, 2011 at 9:38 PM

I'm just getting started with a 3D project and I have two requirements for the 3D engine.  Hopefully, Balder can meet both.

First, I will have to render very complex wireframe objects of up to 10,000 polys/triangles.  I attempted to do so using Flash/Flex and Papervision3D with very poor results.  The performance was horrible.  Can Balder perform adequately with such complex wireframes?

Second, I need to be able to layer images on top of other images to construct a Sprite and I need to do so on the fly.  Basically, my users will choose which images will be placed on my objects.  Does Balder provide such abilities?

Mar 19, 2011 at 9:45 AM


what kind of performance (FPS) are you looking for and how big is the rendering area on screen?  Also, normally in a 3D model, faces that are not facing the viewer is not rendered, which on an average will give you half the amount of triangles to render. Lighting is also a thing that is done on the CPU, so it also depends on the lighting model you chose, the more lights the slower. Also worth mentioning, if you use texture filtering for scaled up textures (bi-linear filtering), that also slows things down. You mention wireframe objects - does that mean your model will only need to render as a wireframe, no solid fill on the triangles? If so, I think all my questions nullified themselves and you should probably be good to go. :)

Balder is software rendered on the CLR inside Silverlight. With the release of Silverlight 5 later this year (according to Microsoft at the Firestarter event in december), we'll have hardware rendering and Balder will be ready with that in it - then performance is not an issue at all.


You can construct textures on the fly and apply then to any 3D object through Balders material system.