Object Selection Performance

Jan 11, 2011 at 5:01 PM

When i mouse over a specific object in the scene, i face two problems.  Performance is always bad, in as much as it takes too long to actually detect the active object and change its state.  The second issue is the bounding box location, and size.  O cannot say too much here as it is proprietary.  Maybe we can connect directly?  Imagine if you will a very crowded scene, with many objects close together.  by default Balder uses bounding spheres.  The spheres are too large and too low in the object, or they are too large and interfere with each other.  It is very hard to control them and if I reduce them in size and raise them in the object, it is also difficult to select the proper object.  Any thoughts ideas or direction will be greatly considered.  I have also seen related posts on BB's here, but not sure when we wil see them in Balder.