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Project Description

A 3D graphics engine for Silverlight.

The name Balder comes from Norse Mythology. Balder is the modern Norwegian, Swedish and Danish form. He is also known as Baldr or Baldur (icelandic). Balder is the god of innocence.

The second son of Odin is Baldr, and good things are to be said of him. He is best, and all praise him; he is so fair of feature, and so bright, that light shines from him. A certain herb is so white that it is likened to Baldr's brow; of all grasses it is whitest, and by it thou mayest judge his fairness, both in hair and in body. He is the wisest of the Æsir, and the fairest-spoken and most gracious; and that quality attends him, that none may gainsay his judgments. He dwells in the place called Breidablik, which is in heaven; in that place may nothing unclean be. - Brodeur's translation

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Table of Contents

The feature set of Balder
Getting started screencast
Coding4Fun : Rubik's Cube for Silverlight and Windows Phone 7
Integrate Balder in your Silverlight application by Xianzhong Zhu, part 1,2,3
Programmatically creating a mesh tutorial
Tutorial section

A full samplebrowser can be viewed here. Silverlight 5 samplebrowser here.

Balder in the wild

ESRI map viewer

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Built with Finalbuilder



The goal for Balder is to provide an extensive Documentation in the MSDN Style with code samples and full documentation of the public API. The Balder project has been lucky enough get a donation from Innovasys in the form of licenses for their DocumentX product to help make this possible.

Books / external resources

3DGameDevelopmentWithSilverlight3.png Gastón C. Hillar has written a book about 3D games development in Silverlight with focus on using Balder as engine. You can find the book here. In the book there are a lot of samples, all these samples are available for download from here

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